Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Sorry I've been AWOL lately, life has been crazy. We've gotten in and then out of a contract on a house, shuttled kids here there and everywhere, and worked our butts off. Bird started kindergarten this year, and the first week or so was rocky but now he's doing wonderfully. Always comes home with reports of good behavior, and he's making all kinds of friends. Bug is a little lost without his "deedee", but is also enjoying his alone time with my Nan.

And finally, for the big news...I'm getting married next Friday. :) HHF's divorce FINALLY finalized, and we're having a private ceremony next Friday, followed by a honeymoon, followed by a reception next Saturday. :) Which means that THIS Friday is my bachelorette party. Me and 10 or so of the girls are headed to the Big City to raise some hell. Look out C-bus, here we come!