Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My hart. It hurtz.

That's LOLSpeak for misery. Why am I miserable, you ask? In the order that they occurred to me or I found out about them, not the order of importance:

1) The budget for my office got cut substantially from what I asked. It was already as tight as I could make it. I may be able to get more money at the end of the year, but I hate depending on that possibility.

2) It appears that there will be no going away anything for me at the office. I didn't expect a big to-do, but a luncheon or a little festive get together for fifteen minutes to say goodbye and good luck and make an effort to at least pretend they'd miss me would be nice. :( Four years of my life, and my boss is like an uncle or something, you know? It's not like I work for MegaCorp. Maybe I'm jumping the gun on the self pity and they'll do something tomorrow, but no one has mentioned anything.

3) My cousin is 30 weeks pregnant and in the hospital. She's been having chest pain and trouble breathing and they think it could be a blood clot, so they're watching her. Please keep her in your thoughts, this is her first baby and she's already overwhelmed. And her husband can't take care of himself, as sweet as he is, so he's probably worried about her and/or starving to death.

After my grandma called me, I felt like a whiny little shit about the office thing. It's just a hurt feelings thing, I'm not pissed, and I WANT to be cool about it, but I can't. Damn Pisces emotional personality anyway.

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