Monday, December 1, 2008

A Fairy Tale....

Once upon a time there was a moderately attractive princess who had a new-to-her carriage that she loved very much. We'll call her Princess Passive-Aggressive, because well, she is. Anyway, Princess Passive-Aggressive and Prince Hot Hippy Boyfriend were driving home from a trip to the Magical Fairy Land mortals call Black Friday, when a foolish Frog who shall never, ever become a prince drove his carriage right out in front of Princess Passive-Aggressive's beautiful new-to-her carriage, smashing it all up. Now Princess Passive-Aggressive has to depend on Prince Hot Hippy Boyfriend to transport her to and from work until Evil Frog Boy calls his minions and tells them they are in fact his minions so that they'll pay for a rental carriage. Princess Passive-Aggressive is more aggressive than passive at this news. She wants to step on the evil Frog and squish his awful froggy guts right out of him.

Where is the happily ever after, you say? Stay posted. I'll let you know when I find out.

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