Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh Good Times

The beasties and I are going with Hot Hippy Boyfriend to get his kids tomorrow. Since he got home in July, I have managed to avoid contact with Evil Ex, which is probably good after the incident when he was home in May on leave and she called me a whore. The urge to stab her in the face everytime I think of her is damn near overwhelming, god knows how I'll overcome it when she's actually in front of me.

My greatest fear is that she'll say something snarky about my boys. They're perfect of course, but she's not above saying something about them out of spite. After all, she did basically call my youngest a bastard. (No, he isn't, in case there was any doubt.) Hot Hippy Boyfriend (who was then just Hot Hippy Best Friend) was not even in the country when Bug was conceived. Anyway, all of you that have kids know that when someone goes on the attack against your babies, that red lens goes down across your eyes and all you can think is "kill kill kill". Add that to the already present urge to do stabbity things and I'm thinking Hot Hippy Boyfriend should have invested in a Hannibal Lector suit before he takes me in her vicinity again.

But I'll just grit my teeth and keep reminding myself what I was telling someone on Facebook today. A good life is the best revenge, and the only thing she rocks harder than me is Guitar Hero. And that's only because I have a job, friends, great kids, and Hot Hippy Boyfriend to occupy my time, so I don't get a lot of practice. I'd feel sorry for her...except my brain is still screaming "kill kill kill" for that bastard campaign she went on.

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