Wednesday, November 26, 2008

O rly?

Bird came to work with me today. He got up this morning and came in my room, and when I lifted the covers for him, he said, "No, I'm not coming to get in bed, I'm coming to remind you I'm going to work with you today!" Oh, if only it were that exciting for me to come here everyday.

In the car on the way in, I asked him what he wanted Santa to bring him. The following conversation ensued.

Bird: Um...I want a MONSTER TRUCK!
Me (thinking fast): I don't think Santa can fit that on the sleigh.
Him (thinking faster): He could just DRIVE it!
Me (still on my toes): What about the reindeer?
Him (reminding me why I should have had more caffiene before embarking on this conversation): He could tie them to the back.
Me(still not admitting defeat): What about the sleigh?
Him: He could tie it to the back, too.
Me (with my ace in the hole): What about the presents?
Him: He could put them in the trunk. Do monster trucks have trunks?
Me (feeling more hopeful): No, they have beds.
Him (clearly not understanding that lots of things could be hauled in a truck bed): Then Santa could drive ANOTHER car with the presents.
Me (jumping up and down with glee on the inside, I have him now): How can Santa drive two cars at the same time?
Him: Because he's MAGIC!

DAMN DAMN DAMN!! How did I get outsmarted by a four year old? Santa is supposed to be on Mommy's side, always!

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Katherine said...

I love that child. Monster trucks AND logic? He's perfection.